Digital Counting Scale

Digital counting scales are designed to boost productivity while ensuring the accuracy and quality of final kits. Our digital counting scales excel in measuring even the tiniest pieces and parts with precision, ensuring no item is overlooked. These counting scale solutions can be seamlessly integrated with PLC systems, eliminating manual data entry, resulting in cleaner data and improved operational visibility.

Types of Digital Counting Scale

Why Choose Naikesi Digital Counting Scales

  • High Throughput and Reliable Results:

Naikesi digital counting scales are ideal for advanced weighing applications such as piece counting, checkweighing, accumulation, or filling. Intuitive menus, user-customizable function keys, and a large innovative display screen enhance efficiency and precision.

  • Ideal Choice for Counting:

For tasks like order picking, inventory checking, packaging, or verifying product quantities, every step is crucial. Naikesi digital counting solutions ensure accurate part quantities for your customers. The scales can be connected to scanners, indicators, and printers on-site, enabling fast, error-free, and traceable counting.

  • Designed for Industrial Applications:

Featuring excellent repeatability and a durable die-cast frame with IP65 protection, these digital counting scales not only provide reliable results but also become the ideal choice for industrial environments. Optional battery power and wireless functionality make the scales suitable for mobile applications.

  • Increased Throughput:

Customizable digital counting scales enable fast and accurate counting operations. User-friendly devices, intuitive menus, user profiles, and configurable function keys provide convenience for various common applications.

  • Seamless Integration into Your System:

Various interfaces can be integrated into your ERP system. Control conveyor belts, feeders, and digital I/O indicators. Connect scanners or printers as needed, as well as multiple scales.

  • Improved Production Efficiency:

The intelligent color display saves time and resources, making weighing applications like integrity checks, dividing, sorting, and counting simple, fast, and error-resistant. The digital counting scale display clearly indicates whether weight or count is below, within, or above the target value.

  • Advanced Data Transfer:

Multiple methods are available for data interaction with the digital counting scales.

How Does Digital Counting Scale Work

A digital counting scale is a device used to count items based on their weight. It’s a useful tool in various industries, such as manufacturing, retail, and packaging, where large quantities of identical items need to be counted quickly and accurately. Here’s how it works:

  • Sample Count: To start, a small sample of the items to be counted is placed on the scale. This could be, for example, 10 screws. The scale weighs this sample and calculates the average weight of a single item.

  • Item Weight Calculation: The scale divides the total weight of the sample by the number of items in the sample to determine the average weight of a single item.

  • Counting: Once the scale knows the average weight of a single item, it can then count the number of items placed on it by dividing the total weight by the weight of a single item. For example, if you place a pile of screws on the scale, it will divide the total weight of the pile by the weight of one screw to determine the total count.

  • Display: The scale then displays the total count on its digital screen.

It’s important to note that the accuracy of a digital counting scale depends on the uniformity of the items being counted. If the items have significant variations in weight, the count may not be accurate. Regular calibration of the scale is also necessary to maintain its accuracy.