Price Counting Scales

Price counting scales are specialized weighing instruments that combine weighing and counting functionalities. These scales are used to accurately measure the weight of items while also calculating the total price based on the weight and unit price of the item.

The price counting scale allows businesses to streamline their inventory management and sales processes. It is commonly used in retail settings, especially in businesses that sell items in bulk or by weight, such as grocery stores, markets, and hardware stores. With these scales, businesses can easily determine the quantity and total cost of items, making pricing and transaction processes more efficient and accurate.

Types of Price Counting Scales

Benefits of Price Counting Scales

  • The price counting scales delivers especially precise measurement results with dual LCD displays. This precise scale has a maximum weighing capacity and conforms to accuracy class III for commercial use. Ideal for shops, pharmacies, tea shops, food industries, and more, where accurate weighing is crucial.

  • The price calculating scale comes pre-calibrated for commercial use. However, it requires confirmation by an authorized person as per national regulations to receive the official calibration sticker and declaration of conformity.

  • With exact measurement results, the counter weight machine displays values on dual LCDs with background lighting. Easy operation includes functions like Calculate Price, Add, Tare, Zero, and Save, with large accessible memory spaces. The control panel is resistant to grease and water.

  • The mobile shop scale can be powered by an adaptor or battery, offering an impressive battery life. The stainless steel weighing platform ensures hygiene, and non-slip rubber feet provide stability.

  • For connectivity, the price scale features an RS-232 port for computer or cash register connection. Multiple communication protocols are available for data transfer, and both interface cable and power cord are included in delivery.

Features of Price Counting Scales

Price counting scales, also known as counting scales, are used in various industries to count the number of items based on their weight. They are particularly useful when dealing with large quantities of small, identical items. Here are some of the key features of price counting scales:

  • High Accuracy: Counting scales are designed to provide highly accurate measurements, which is crucial for inventory management and cost calculations.

  • Weight Memory: Many counting scales have a memory function that allows you to store the weight of a single item. This makes it easy to count large quantities of the same item.

  • Pre-set Tare Function: This feature allows you to subtract the weight of the container or packaging, ensuring you only count the weight of the items themselves.

  • Large Capacity: Counting scales come in various sizes and capacities, from small scales for lightweight items to large scales for heavy or bulky items.

  • Digital Display: Most counting scales have a clear, easy-to-read digital display that shows the weight and count. Some displays are backlit for better visibility.