Platform Scales

Platform scales are a type of weighing equipment used to accurately measure the weight of objects or items placed on their flat, horizontal platform. The platform itself is typically made of sturdy materials like stainless steel, aluminum, or other durable materials that can handle the weight of heavy objects. The size and capacity of platform scales can vary widely, ranging from small scales used for measuring small items in retail settings to large scales capable of weighing heavy loads in industries such as manufacturing, logistics, agriculture, and transportation.

Types of Platform Scales

Characteristics of Platform Scales

  • Extremely high accuracy: Platform scales offer a wide weighing range and exceptional accuracy, making them suitable for various applications.

  • Multi-functional LED display: Equipped with multiple functions, including net weighing, recalculating, counting, and valuing. The high-definition LED screen ensures clear and accurate readings and allows for easy switching between different weight units.

  • AC/DC power supply: Dual-power system with both a power adapter and rechargeable batteries ensures continuous use even during power outages, eliminating concerns about power supply for long-term usage.

  • Durable construction: The large platform is made of durable carbon steel, resistant to deformation and rust. The display screen is constructed from stainless steel, providing long-lasting durability and protection against damages from collisions.

  • 90° foldable and adjustable feet: The commercial scale features a 90° foldable design, saving space and facilitating convenient storage. The 4 feet can be adjusted to fit different surfaces, ensuring precise measurements every time.

What is Platform Scales

  • Platform scales are a type of weighing scale that are typically used in industrial and commercial settings. They are designed with a large flat platform that can accommodate heavy or bulky items.

  • These scales are commonly used for weighing large shipments, livestock, heavy machinery, and other large or heavy items. They can handle a wide range of weights, with some models capable of measuring items weighing several tons.

  • Platform scales can be found in a variety of designs and sizes, from small benchtop models to large floor models. Some are portable with wheels for easy movement, while others are stationary and designed to be installed in a fixed location.

  • Many platform scales also come with additional features such as digital displays, automatic zero tracking, tare function, and the ability to connect to computers or other devices for data transfer. They are built to withstand heavy use and harsh environments, and are typically made of durable materials like stainless steel.

  • Like all scales, platform scales need to be regularly calibrated to ensure they provide accurate measurements. They are an essential tool in many industries, helping to ensure accurate inventory management, shipping and receiving operations, and compliance with safety regulations.