SHANGDELI ELECTRONIC INSTRUMENT CO.,LTD. is the professional enterprise that always concentrates on researching, designing, producing and marketing with well-trusted, well-respected, well-developed, well-service and a bright future. 

Our company has researched all kinds of balances and scales with original design and ourselves brand”Naikesi” since 2003, such as high-precision balance, digital industrial weighing scale, weighing scales, counting scales, pricing scales, platform scales, pole scales, barcode weighing scale, pocket scales, diamond selectors and so on.

Our products always have many kinds of advantages as fast responding, stable displaying, two displaying selection( LCD/ LED), low power consumption, high-precision and durable quality, and also can be equipped with printing interface. 

We have challenged and overcome a variety of trouble like imperfect design, out of the market, the global financial crisis, etc. So our product not only sell well in domestic market but also better sell in foreign market such as Russia, Germany, Greatbritain, Czech, France, Spain, Australia, Singapore, Burma, Philippines, Malaysia, Argentina, etc. 

As we all know, the vegetable market is closely related to people’s life. It is not only an important place for people’s Daily consumption, but also an important part of the economic development of modern cities. In recent years, with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards and the continuous development of urban economy, people’s demand for vegetable markets has also changed. Smart Vegetable markets have become people’s yearning for a better life, coupled with the rapid development of current cutting-edge technologies, the digital food market has shown an irresistible trend. 

From the traditional point of view, there is a great lag in thetraditional vegetable market in relation to the growing demand, and the contradictions and drawbacks in the market are gradually highlighted, from indoor environment to infrastructure, and then to operation and management, etc. , traditional markets face many challenges. From the perspective of consumers, consumers have put forward higher requirements for environmental hygiene, spatial layout, service convenience and food safety in vegetable markets, they hope that the market should be a clean and tidy, reasonable layout, convenient, safe and transparent intelligent consumer place. It is not difficult to see from this point that the development of smart vegetable markets is more and more rapid without the help of consumers. With the continuous improvement of modern living standards, people’s consumption concepts have also shown great changes, in the purchase of food consumption is no exception. It is becoming more and more obvious that consumer demand is forcing and stimulating the upgrading and change of traditional vegetable markets to create a more comfortable, secure and convenient consumption environment for consumers. 

Of course, the continued development of smart vegetable market, but also the continuous promotion of the state and governments at all levels, whether policy or funds, have given a great deal ofsupport. In 2009, the Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Finance “Notice on the implementation of the standardized vegetable market demonstration project”launched the pilot standardized vegetable market demonstration project, the construction of the vegetable market began to have uniform standard rules and regulations. In 2016, building a new-type smart city was included in the national 13th five-year plan, and the agricultural trade market is an important part of building a new-type smart city. Under the policies of the state and governments at all levels, local governments have also accelerated the construction of smart vegetable markets. Statistics show that there are nearly 40,000 vegetable markets in China, with the total size of the market exceeding 3 trillion yuan. As a key project of National People’s livelihood and an important carrier for the circulation of agricultural products, the development of the vegetable market is closely related not only to the common people, but also to all walks of life in society, and presents huge development potential, experts predict that the smart vegetable market will exceed 600 billion yuan by 2025. From the perspective of the National Development Speed, the penetration rate of smart vegetable markets continues to rise. All parts of the country are stepping up efforts to build smartvegetable markets. Whether they are the renovation of old markets or the construction of new markets, many are moving in the direction of smart vegetable markets, it can be said that the construction of smart vegetable market has entered a period of rapid development. In the near future, your home will also have smart food market, to provide you with a more convenient shopping service. As a manufacturer in the Smart Agricultural Trade and agricultural batch industry, Suntory Electronics has always been deeply involved in the agricultural trade and agricultural batch industry by creating a diversified and multi-series of hardware and software product lines, committed to promoting agricultural trade, agricultural market digital, intelligent upgrade, and all-round empowerment of agricultural trade, agricultural market to achieve long-term management and improve business operations.